Nov 3, 2009

Computer Training Institute Varanasi

We may note a few distinctive features in the history of Varanasi education, Primary education were widespread even as late as the early nineteenth century Often nearly every village would have a school to which children would come from nearly all the population groups proportionately .The curricula were the result of long practice as well as of its engagement with productive activities. There was neither any state financial support nor any control over curricula.Third, the public space of popular life and institutions was often constituted around dialogue with theoretical education through varieties of institutions and fabulous historical narrations dialogue with productive activities.An attitude that was non-normative but one of forbearance, aesthetic and truth.These unique features did not provide for a segmentation of education. The Indian colonial attempt was to replace this with segmented educational institutions and segmented educational content. Such attempts were resisted. Contemporary Indian education bespeaks this confrontation. Web Design Services India

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