Nov 3, 2009

Varanasi College

In this institution there are therefore two basic elements. First is a drilling in a productive engagement such that the student may acquire skill. Second is the inculcation of an attitude of aesthetic, of truth, so that the student can engage with the world later in life, fearlessly, in order to know and enjoy the realized good.
  • It is important also to recognize the institutional aspects of this approach. The distinctive features of the institution are that
  • It does not segment education in a hierarchy but divides knowledge and discourse etymologically and therefore non-hierarchically;
  • It is not based on a divide between theory and practice and does not reduce science to a set of information it brings knowledge to the common people;
  • Science no longer remains in isolation but is created anew skillfully while the discourse with abstract theories of science continues through narration, description and an attitude of truth.
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